EuroBSDcon-2017 Paris

This year the annual EuroBSDcon event took place in Paris (September 21st-24th).
There were BSD summits, tutorials and talks, including NetBSD & pkgsrc ones.


I came to Paris on Wednesday in order to participate in tutorials:

  • Thursday – DTrace for Developers: no more printfs – by George Neville-Neil
  • Friday – How to untangle your threads from a giant lock in a multiprocessor system – by Taylor R. Campbell

The NetBSD Summit

On Friday there was a NetBSD summit that gathered around 15 developers.
I have not participated in it myself because of the tutorial on SMP. There were three presentations:

  • News from the version control front – by joerg,
  • Scripting DDB with Forth – by uwe,
  • NetBSD on Google Compute Engine – by bsiegert.


During Saturday and Sunday there were several NetBSD and pkgsrc related presentations:

  • A Modern Replacement for BSD spell(1) – Abhinav Upadhyay
  • Portable Hotplugging: NetBSD’s uvm_hotplug(9) API development – Cherry G. Mathew
  • Hardening pkgsrc – Pierre Pronchery
  • Reproducible builds on NetBSD – Christos Zoulas
  • The school of hard knocks – PT1 – Sevan Janiyan
  • The LLDB Debugger on NetBSD – Kamil Rytarowski
  • What’s in store for NetBSD 8.0? – Alistair Crooks

During the closing ceremony there was a speech by Alistair Crooks on behalf of The NetBSD Foundation.


At the conference I presented my work on “The LLDB Debugger on NetBSD”:

Plan for the next milestone

Resume porting tsan and msan to NetBSD with a plan to switch back to the LLDB porting.

This work was sponsored by The NetBSD Foundation.

The NetBSD Foundation is a non-profit organization and welcomes any donations to help us continue funding projects and services to the open-source community. Please consider visiting the following URL, and chip in what you can:

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Author: Kamil Rytarowski

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